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12 X 4 Weld-on Seal

Part No: AW12X400


weld-onThe Lemco Weld-on Seal should be mounted as close to the screen as possible for maximum well production and corrosion resistance.

For turbine pumps, the seal can be mounted on the tailpipe assembly or anywhere on the column pipe.

When field welding, we suggest welding the cover plate to the drop pipe or column pipe. This way you can be welding down instead of overhead. Make sure the nuts are on top or facing up when the seal is in place. It's best to tack-weld in several places along the cover plate, and then fill-in the weld. We make the rubber packer fit close to the inside edge which helps make a better seal when the nuts are tightened.  It will also help to secure the seal to the drop pipe.   Tighten the nuts to sufficiently hold the wires and rubber packer firmly. The rubber should squeeze around the electrical wires. Do not over-tighten because distortion to the rubber packer may cause an air-leak. Under tightening may also cause an air-leak. If it's necessary to drill a new hole through the seal, do so with the seal assembled. This makes it much easier to drill through the rubber and to line up the holes.

If the weld-on seal is going to be used with a submersible pump, it may be necessary to rotate the rubber so the correct holes line up for the electrical wire.  On turbine pumps, the rubber should be rotated so that none of the electrical holes show.  If the weld-on is is going to be used as a slip-on, we suggest using a short piece of PVC with a coupling just above the seal and another just below the seal.

Case Quantity: 12