Control Drawdown
During Dry Spells

Air & Contamination Barrier

Features & Benefits


The Lemco Seal is made of mild steel and pliable rubber.

The rubber is a buna synthetic rubber.

The rubber has to fold up all the way around before it will go down in the well. This is how it makes an air tight seal.

Yes, we do. When you’re choosing the size you want, be sure to check ‘Stainless Steel’ or ‘Mild Steel’.

Some installers/drillers wet the well casing ahead of the seal, then put water on top of the seal to help push it down.

You will need some type of lifting device to pull the pump.

It depends on how much flow there is. Some have used two or more seals in tandem to successfully stop the flow.

No, we don’t, the flange would be too narrow. Same for an 8 X 6 seal or a 3 X 1¼ seal.

To best control drawdown, it should be mounted as close to the pump as possible.


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